Intimus 120 SC2 - 3.8 Strip Cut Shredder- White Color

Intimus 120 SC2 - 3.8 Strip Cut Shredder- White Color

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  • Bin Capacity:
  • Maximum Run Time:
  • Can Shred: Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, 1/8”
  • Feed Opening Size: 12.2”
  • Category: Department
  • Shred Speed: 27 Feet/min
  • Sheet capacity: 31-33

    Intimus 120 SC2 3.8 Strip Cut Shredder is a highly functional document shredder developed for large offices with several departments to cater to. The industrial leader Martin Yale has designed this shredder to be consistent and durable for years, meeting the requirements of consumers. Its specifications include a shredding capacity of 31 and shredding speed of 27 feet/min. To augment these is its 12.2” wide feed throat which is exactly what is expected of an office shredder. Paper sizes up to A3 can easily fit into this extra wide throat, facilitating users immensely. Its sturdy shredding unit can effortlessly shred materials like floppy disks, credit cards, and optical disks. Furthermore, it converts everything to 1/8” wide strips, making it a P-2 security level shredder. 120 SC2 packs a number of intuitive technologies that puts it above its competition. This strip cut shredder is entirely automated and demands minimal effort from its users. When paper is fed into its throat it automatically starts and stops as soon as the job is completed. Similarly, it automatically reverses the motor when a jam occurs and clears it within seconds. The i-Control element saves time and effort by providing a user-friendly platform to control the shredder. Its Dynamic Load Sensor aids users in avoiding frequent jams by letting them know when the feed is being overloaded. Illuminated indicators for standby, basket full, door open, and paper jam are part of Intimus 120 SC’s design to enhance user experience. Additionally, the EcoLogic function incorporated in it leads to optimal power consumption and no energy wastage. The 2x2 wooden cabinet, sealed for dust, has separate compartments for paper and non-paper shreds to assist users in waste management.  Intimus 120 SC2 - 3.8 Strip Cut Shredder is without doubt the best waste disposal product high-end organizations can have.

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