PA5350E-1ETE - Dynabook KL50M - Keyboard and mouse

PA5350E-1ETE - Dynabook KL50M - Keyboard and mouse

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Quiet and comfort for your workday Eliminate clutter and experience true typing comfort with the KL50M Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination. The keyboard features whisper-quiet keys, folding legs and hot keys for fast, strain-free working. The mouse is the perfect fit for left- or right-handed users. - Quiet but responsive keys and numberpad makes typing a breeze - Ergonomic typing experience with foldable legs reduces stress on your wrists - Free up USB ports with just one USB receiver to connect both keyboard and mouse - Access your apps such as email, Internet browser and calculator easily with 11 Hot Keys for Apps.

  • 11 hot keys: email, internet browser, calculator, music, vol+, vol-, play/pause, FF, RW, mute
  • Black
  • Back and forward
  • RF 2.4GHz
  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7, USB port
  • Left/right, on/off
  • Blue LED technology
  • 800/1.200/1.800 dpi
  • Keyboard: 457 x 166.7 x 23.6 mm
  • Mouse: 97 x 56 x 33 mm
  • 8 - 10 m
  • Wireless Keyboard KL50 & Silent Wireless Mouse W90, USB nano receiver, 1x AA battery, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Leaflet
Device TypeKeyboard and mouse set
Interface2.4 GHz
Max Operating DistanceUp to 10 m
Wireless ReceiverNano USB wireless receiver
Dimensions (WxDxH) / WeightKeyboard: 45.7 cm x 16.67 cm x 2.36 cm
Mouse: 5.6 cm x 9.7 cm x 3.3 cm
Input Device
TypeKeyboard - wireless
Keyboard NameDynabook KL50
Hot Keys Qty11
Hot Keys FunctionCalculator, e-mail, mute, browser, play/pause, music, volume -, volume +
Localization and LayoutUK
Pointing Device
TypeMouse - wireless
Pointing Device NameDynabook W90
Buttons Qty3
Movement Resolution1800 dpi
Included AccessoriesAA battery
Software & System Requirements
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
Compatibility Information
Designed ForDynabook Satellite Pro A50-E-23K, A50-EC-1D8, A50-EC-1MQ, A50-EC-1MT, A50-EC-1Q8, A50-EC-1QC, A50-EC-1QW, A50-EC-1QY, A50-EC-1R0, A50-EC-1RB, A50-EC-1RC, A50-EC-1RR, C40-G-10P, C40-G-10Q, C40-G-10Y, C40-G-10Z, C40-G-110, C40-G-111, C40-G-116, C40-G-119, C40-G-11E, C40-G-11F, C40-G-11G, C40-H, C40-H-100, C40-H-101, C40-H-102, C40-H-103, C40-H-105, C40-H-106, C40-H-107, C40-H-109, C40-H-10D, C40-H-10F, C40-H-10G, C40-H-111, C40-H-112, C40-H-113, C40-H-115, C40-H14110, C40-H14200, C40-H14210, C50-E-104, C50-E-108, C50-E-109, C50-E-10M, C50-E-11C, C50-E-11F, C50-E-11K, C50-E-11L, C50-E-11N, C50-G-101, C50-G-102, C50-G-105, C50-G-106, C50-G-108, C50-G-10D, C50-G-10G, C50-G-10J, C50-G-10K, C50-G-10L, C50-G-10M, C50-G-10O, C50-G-10P, C50-H, C50-H-100, C50-H-101, C50-H-102, C50-H-103, C50-H-104, C50-H-105, C50-H-106, C50-H-107, C50-H-108, C50-H-109, C50-H-10C, C50-H-10D, C50-H-10E, C50-H-10W, C50-H-10X, C50-H-10Z, C50-H-110, C50-H-112, C50-H-113, C50-H-11B, C50-H-11C, C50-H-11D, C50-H-11E, C50-H-11G, C50-H-11J, C50-H-11L, C50-H-11M, C50-H-121, C50-H-125, L50-G-11N, L50-G-11V, L50-G-12F, L50-G-137, L50-G-13H, L50-G-13K, L50-G-13M, L50-G15250, L50-G-186, L50-G-19X, L50-G-1CM, L50-G-1D4, L50-G-1FU, L50-G-1JL, L50-G-1KU, L50-J-106, L50-J-108, L50-J-109, L50-J-10B, L50-J-10F, L50-J-10G, L50-J-10H, L50-J-10I, L50-J-10J, L50-J-10K, L50-J-10L, L50-J-10Y, R50-EC-11J, R50-EC-12X, R50-EC-12Z
Dynabook Tecra A30-G, A30-G-10L, A30-G-113, A30-G-11L, A30-G-11N, A30-G-11P, A30-G-11Q, A30-G-11R, A30-G-122, A30-G-12D, A30-G-12E, A30-G-12T, A30-G-12U, A30-G-13W, A30-G-13Z, A30-G-14K, A30-G-14W, A30-G-158, A30-G-15D, A40-E-15U, A40-G, A40-G-106, A40-G-10G, A40-G-10Q, A40-G-10T, A40-G-123, A40-G-138, A40-G1400ED, A40-G-14P, A40-G-16Z, A40-G-170, A40-G-171, A40-G-172, A40-G-177, A40-G-17M, A40-G-17P, A40-G-17S, A40-G-18A, A40-G-18G, A40-G-18W, A40-G-18X, A50-E-26L, A50-EC-15U, A50-EC-1L2, X40-F-10L, X40-F-18U, X50-F-17L, X50-F-17R, Z50-E-170

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