PX2000E-1CHG - Dynabook - Car power adapter

PX2000E-1CHG - Dynabook - Car power adapter

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Take your work with you For professionals frequently on the road, nothing stalls work faster than leaving a laptop charger behind. Now, with Dynabook's USB-C Laptop Car Charger, you can transform your vehicle into a charging point for your laptop and additional items via the USB port, so that you always have the power to get where you're going and work for as long as needed when you arrive. - 1x USB-C output and 1x USB-A output allows charging of a wide range of devices from smartphones to tablets and laptops - Fast charging speed - Automatic adjustment of output voltage and charging current to the connected device (up to 45W output power) - Safe charging process thanks to protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuit and overheating.

  • USB-C: DC 5 - 20 V, 3 A (max.)
  • USB-A: DC 3.6 - 6.5 V, 2.4 A / 9 V, 2 A / 12 V, 1.5 A (max.)
  • Max. 45W
  • Hard plastic
  • DC 12 - 24 V, 4.5 A
  • Black
  • 75 x 25 x 28 mm
  • 0.03 kg
  • USB-C Laptop Car Charger 45W, USB-C charging cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Leaflet
Device TypeCar power adapter - external
Power Device
Input Voltage12 - 24 V
Input Connectors1 x automobile cigarette lighter
Power Output Connectors Details1 x 9 pin USB Type A - 12 V 1.5 A
1 x 24 pin USB-C - 20 V 3 A
Output Voltage3.6 - 6.5 / 5 - 20 / 9 / 12 / 20 V
Max Electric Current3 A
Power Capacity45 Watt
Cables IncludedUSB-C cable - detachable
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
Dimensions & Weight
Width7.5 cm
Depth2.5 cm
Height2.8 cm
Weight30 g
Compatibility Information
Designed ForDynabook Portégé A30-E-102, A30-E-161, A30-E-16D, A30-E-16G, A30-E-16H, A30-E-17P, A30-E-17Q, A30-E-17R, A30-E-18E, A30-E-1JC, X20W-E-116, X20W-E-119, X20W-E-11V, X20W-E-158, X20W-E-165, X30-E-121, X30-E-132, X30-E-13G, X30-E-17G, X30-E-1GM, X30-E-1GT, X30-E-1GV, X30-E-1J1, X30L-G, X30L-G-10H, X30L-G-10J, X30L-G-10P, X30L-G-10Z, X30L-G-115, X30L-G-118, X30L-G-11E, X30L-G-11H, X30L-G-11J, X30L-G-11L, X30L-G-11M, X30L-G-11R, X30L-G-11Z, X30L-G-12G, X30L-G-12H, X30L-G-12R, X30L-G-12T, X30L-G-12U, X30L-G-133
Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-H, C40-H-100, C40-H-101, C40-H-102, C40-H-103, C40-H-105, C40-H-106, C40-H-107, C40-H-109, C40-H-10D, C40-H-10F, C40-H-10G, C40-H-111, C40-H-112, C40-H-113, C40-H-115, C50-H, C50-H-00H, C50-H-00K, C50-H-013, C50-H-01F, C50-H-01Q, C50-H-02H, C50-H-02J, C50-H-02U, C50-H-100, C50-H-101, C50-H-102, C50-H-103, C50-H-104, C50-H-105, C50-H-106, C50-H-107, C50-H-108, C50-H-109, C50-H-10C, C50-H-10D, C50-H-10E, C50-H-10W, C50-H-10X, C50-H-10Z, C50-H-110, C50-H-112, C50-H-113, C50-H-11B, C50-H-11C, C50-H-11D, C50-H-11E, C50-H-11G, C50-H-11J, C50-H-11L, C50-H-11M, C50-H-121, C50-H-125, L50-J-106, L50-J-108, L50-J-109, L50-J-10B, L50-J-10F, L50-J-10G, L50-J-10H, L50-J-10I, L50-J-10J, L50-J-10K, L50-J-10L, L50-J-10Y
Dynabook Tecra A30-G, A30-G-10D, A30-G-10G, A30-G-10L, A30-G-10Q, A30-G-10R, A30-G-10T, A30-G-113, A30-G-116, A30-G-117, A30-G-118, A30-G-11K, A30-G-11L, A30-G-11N, A30-G-11P, A30-G-11Q, A30-G-11R, A30-G-11W, A30-G-122, A30-G-12D, A30-G-12E, A30-G-12T, A30-G-12U, A30-G-13W, A30-G-13Z, A30-G-14G, A30-G-14H, A30-G-14K, A30-G-14W, A30-G-158, A30-G-15D, A40-G, A40-G-103, A40-G-106, A40-G-10F, A40-G-10G, A40-G-10H, A40-G-10K, A40-G-10L, A40-G-10P, A40-G-10Q, A40-G-10T, A40-G-10Z, A40-G-112, A40-G-11H, A40-G-11J, A40-G-123, A40-G-138, A40-G1420, A40-G-14P, A40-G-16Z, A40-G-170, A40-G-171, A40-G-172, A40-G-177, A40-G-17M, A40-G-17P, A40-G-17S, A40-G-18A, A40-G-18G, A40-G-18W, A40-G-18X

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