About Us

Arabian Business Machines Company was established in 1983 to provide office automation products and       furniture for small to medium-sized businesses. Since then ABM has evolved into an IT and solution based company with international brand products that are visible in most major Government sectors, electronic retail outlets, education facilities, and corporate offices.

Since our transformation into an IT and solution based company, our mission from the very first day has been to build professional relationships with our clients to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for their needs. Our team is equipped with a highly developed skillset aquired over decades of experience not only in information technology but also in solutions and customer satisfaction.

Our business experience makes us uniquely positioned as a market leader to offer products and solutions promising greater operational efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings for our clients, regardless of their industry domian.

As an established technology-intensive company, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive  solutions and products comprising of latest interactive flat panels, computing solutions , printers, MFPs, digital signage, cost saving print management solutions, device management security, custom software and web development, software and web application testing, data storage solutions, and mobile storage and filing systems.

Our team consistently delivers state-of-the-art solutions in various areas including, but not limited to, integrated business solutions, system applications, product development, Internet/Intranet applications and communication & network management services.