BenQ GS1 Portable LED Projector Bluetooth, Wireless  Android, HDMI

BenQ GS1 Portable LED Projector Bluetooth, Wireless Android, HDMI

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BenQ GS1 Cable-free Portable Projector for outdoor family

Entertainment Freedom Anytime, Anywhere
BenQ GS1 with Camping Mode is a portable, cable free, outdoor leisure projector that works brilliantly at night. Enjoy movies on a 60" Screen at just 1M, weighing less than 1KG it will fit into any space. One touch set up means it's ideal for non technical users. Conveniently moveable from backyard to campsite and even room to room, GS1 sets up at a touch and runs movies without a PC, all from a robust battery pack with simple self-contained freedom.
Entertainment Freedom Anytime, Anywhere

Outdoor Camping Gear for Endless Possibilities
The first BenQ projector designed to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor space, giving you endless entertainment possibilities. Try something new and transform your camping experience into one that you’ll never forget. The GS1is packed with all the benefits of an indoor projector. So bring the GS1 along and set up camp wherever you want!

Take Your Family’s Outdoor Entertainment to a New Level
Robust Rubber Case
With a strong standard rubber case, GS1 is perfect for outdoor activities with children. The family-friendly GS1 resists shocks and spills with family-smart design features, giving parents additional peace of mind to relax and enjoy quality family time together, even in the great outdoors.

IPX1 Splash Proof
GS1’s rubberized case offers Ingress Protection to withstand rains, spilt drinks and more. Its IPX1 Splash Proof rating means you can enjoy your family’s together time and refreshments without worry.

Drop Proof
Even if an adult accidentally knocks GS1 onto the floor, its drop proof case keeps it perfectly safe from a fall from even the tallest table up to 60cm. The rugged design is also perfect for road trips, camping, and outdoor events.

Low-Heat Child Safety
Unlike other projectors, GS1 produces low heat, making it safe for curious kids to touch without hurting their hands.

Unlimited Cable-Free Movies and Videos
Built in USB Readers for Untethered Enjoyment
GS1 offers built-in USB 3.0 and 2.0 readers to instantly play movies, music, and videos without a separate PC or Blu-ray player. Simply plug in a flash drive and enjoy high definition multimedia content with friends and family.

Connect Any Bluetooth Device
With Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect Bluetooth speakers for thrilling audio without wires. Kids can even enjoy a movie during a quiet evening with their own Bluetooth headphones, or connect a keyboard and mouse to play games in style.

Play Your Favorites with BenQ Video Tray
Integrated BenQ Video Tray App easily manages your favorite YouTube videos to bring those favorited clips to the big screen at your fingertips.

Instantly Stream Online Content
With built-in WiFi, GS1 keeps even the fussiest teenagers happy with instant online sharing and streaming. Everyone in the family can access their preferred content on a grand scale without a second thought, ideal for when your family goes on the road.
Three Hour Battery Life with Hot Swap
GS1 sets itself apart from conventional projectors simply by having a battery. With any mobile device, battery life is an important consideration, and that’s why the GS1 is designed with a 3-hour battery to play movies without interruption even when there’s no power outlet nearby. Whether watching videos, playing games, or listening to music, GS1 keeps the action going for the entire family to enjoy anywhere.

Swap out Your Battery in Seconds
GS1’s battery can be replaced with an extra battery within seconds to keep the late night fun going. With additional batteries, midnight snacks and bedtimes will run out before your entertainment does.

Compact, Palm Sized to Take Anywhere
True Portability to Carry on Your Palm
GS1 is small enough (13.9cm x 14.6cm) to fit onto the palm of your hand. Perfect for busy households, GS1 takes virtually no room yet provides big pictures anywhere. And to accommodate your family’s active schedule, GS1 is truly portable, easily fitting into a backpack or even the car’s glove compartment.

Weighing less than 1kg including the battery, GS1 is a super portable big screen, able to project larger-than-life images of up to 200” anywhere you bring it.
Big Pictures in Any Space: 60" Screen at 1m
With one of the shortest-throw portable projector lenses, GS1 can project a 60” image from just 1 metre away, and the picture gets even larger when you place it a little further. Whether watching on a wall at home or a portable screen outdoors, GS1 plays your favorite movies on a huge scale anywhere, anytime.
1Kg Light Weight to Play Movies Wherever You Go
Compact but powerful, the GS1 and battery together weigh just 1kg and fits on one hand. GS1 can be conveniently moved from room to room or toted on the road.

GS1 comes with an attractive custom fitted bag designed to simply carry the projector, battery, protective case, and all accessories.

Picture Modes to Fit Your Family’s Activities
GS1 comes with five picture modes: Camping, Vivid, Bright, Movie and Office to deliver the best viewing experience for each member of your family. Camping mode is ideal for playing movies outdoors where ambient light is limited. At home, Vivid mode produces colorful and vibrant images for watching cartoons, while Movie mode displays the true colours of the film in darkened rooms. GS1 even boosts the parents’ productivity when used in Office mode to get some work done.

Ambient Lighting Modes to Suit Your Environment
Daytime Mode makes colors stronger and purer for image quality your family can enjoy anytime in well-lit areas. In Evening Mode, GS1 enhances picture brightness without losing detail definition in bright regions of the image.

GS1’s standard default setting is the most comfortable setting for your family’s eyes. Adaptable to suit the location and light around your family, GS1 is the only portable LED projector you need for entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Campfire/Starry Night
For backyard movie nights or the ultimate campsite experience, Camping mode is perfect when light is low. Star Night mode makes the picture darker but keeps all the details in the dark areas sharp and clear, perfect for those moonlit nights.

One-Touch Hassle Free Setup
Ready to Go in Just Seconds
GS1 turns on in just three seconds so you can entertain your family instantly. Flick the simple on/off switch and let GS1 do its magic.

Auto Vertical Keystone
Auto vertical keystone ideally aligns the image no matter if it’s placed in your family room, tent, or motorhome. Perfect for busy non-techy parents and kids, GS1 simply entertains wherever your family comes together.

Adjustable Feet
GS1’s feet can be manually adjusted to suit the height of your wall or portable screen, ready to go wherever your family goes.

Extraordinary Movie Experiences for Family Memories
Create lasting memories of family movie nights and amazing outdoor experiences with GS1. At home or on the road, GS1’s cable free design gives your family complete entertainment freedom wherever, whenever. With endless possibilities, GS1 will become an indispensable part of your family’s everyday routine as well as special outings.

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